Robin Tracing supports integration with TraceTogether and SafeEntry which help to facilitate your visitor’s check-in process by 8 times faster. Designed for the medical industry and businesses who are required to perform health and travel declaration on top of TraceTogether.


Robin Tracing supports Singapore’s effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by equipping the medical industry and retail businesses with efficient, quick to setup tools for contact tracing.

Responsible. Digital. Better Experience

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Robin is designed for the Medical Industry and Retail Businesses by fellow entrepreneurs.

Quick & Easy

Setup your account and implement it at your premises in less than 30 mins.

Prevent Overcrowding

Quicker entry means lesser crowd, eliminate beehive queues. Back to business as usual.

PDPA Ready

Download and purge the visitor list or have the system do it for you every 7 days.

Visitor to fill in personal data as required for contact tracing purposes with health declaration.

Declare information as usual.

Fun Facts:
• Returning visitors have their information pre-filled, reducing check-in time
Using a sample local hospital as reference and in comparison to, the check-in progress at the hospital often forms a beeline and would take an average time of 6 and 12 mins, while returning visitors who use Robin will have his check-in process completed on an average of 31s.
Rims of A4 paper saved a month? 2,500 sheets!

Ready designed QR template for you to print and use immediately. Print and paste it at your reception counter or your premises glass door

Managed your visitors list digitally via the admin dashboard. Save the trees and say goodbye to papers.


The information will be kept with the respective medical clinic or businesses for their record and potential contact tracing, when necessary.

No actions will be required from the medical clinics or businesses. The list will be sent to you every 30 days, digitally and automatically, after being deleted from the database.

The system will keep the information for the last 30 days and any earlier data will automatically be deleted. Besides the self-purging feature, medical clinics or businesses are also encouraged to archive the information in an offline secured environment with processes to destroy the data over time.

Robin Tracing is designed for the medical and business owners, who need to perform health declaration or contact tracing on top of using TraceTogether and SafeEntry. We know the importance of an easy and quick set up with immediate registration. Hence, Robin Tracing integrates with the government’s mandated TraceTogether and SafeEntry so that users do not need to scan two sets of QR codes, thus making the check-in processs faster. 

No hardware is required from the business. Our platform runs on individual mobile phone with internet access.

If you have an existing plan with us, please send a support ticket or use the LIVE chat to reach out to us. Our LIVE chat hours are from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Pilon Case Study

Prior to implementing Robin, the hospital was using a paper based process to screen and record their visitors’ health declaration before deciding if they are suitable to enter the premises. An average time for a visitor to check in range between 6 and 12 mins.

With the implementation of Robin, a new visitor takes on average of 67s, while a returning visitor takes 33s to check-in. A 12x improvement and with integration to the government mandated TraceTogether and SafeEntry.